Masterblasters Reunion at T. PARTY 2016

Not many people remember this and it happened before the internet and before the falling of the Iron Curtain. So you won’t find anything about these guys on Google. You might be able to find a “Love Cycle” 45 on the Deep Web, but I wouldn’t count on it.

What am I talking about? Junior and the Masterblasters and the Texas blues invasion of Bulgaria during the late 1980’s. Junior and Appa Perry were the rhythm section while John “Creep” Van Vleck and Don “Bulldog” Weiss (Travis’ dad) were the dueling ax-men.

Their influence spread all throughout Eastern Europe and is largely responsible for the blistering blues-rock that is eating up Estonia right now.

Don and John are back in Texas now and you can catch ’em playing an afternoon set at T. Party 2016 on Saturday, April 9 at the Ghost Town in Manor.



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