T. Party 2016 Lineup Announced…

T Party 10x5

…back in February on the Travis Weiss Facebook Page, but we suck as bloggers, so we’re getting around to updating the blog a week before the show.

T. Party 2016 is set for 11 AM on Saturday, April 9. at J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor, Texas. Admission is $10 and the bands start at noon.

This lineup has a literal heavier tone than last year’s. It wasn’t a deliberate decision, but that’s just the shape it took. Having said that, we’re beyond stoked to have the caliber of acts that have confirmed for this show. Words cannot express our level of gratitude. The SIMS Foundation is a very important cause to the Weiss family and this event has been a great chance for us to make something positive from Travis’ death at too young an age.

More to come on the performers and the schedule.

Thanks to Neal Leissner and Brian Badillo for the awesome artwork.




3 thoughts on “T. Party 2016 Lineup Announced…

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