DSCF4892Travis Weiss was best known as the former bass player for Austin bands: Broken Teeth and Duke. Being the son of a guitar player, Travis grew up in a home where the music was always loud and instruments were always around. When he was a toddler, his favorite song was AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” He especially loved the scream at the end of the song.

As a 9-year-old, he made his first guitar purchase. a red 60’s Fender Musicmaster at a local pawn shop. He watched Metallica’s “Cliff ‘em All” video at age 11 and became inspired to start playing the bass guitar. His Mother got him a black Hondo bass and he began playing music with other kids in the neighborhood. These neighborhood jam sessions would lead to the formation of bands and forging of bonds that would last the rest of his life.

Throughout his musical career, Travis played in many bands including: FlipSide Den, The Innocents, American Idles, WT Special, Doom, Crashed, Trashcan Baptism, Plan 69, Hot Rod Hillbillies, and The Inconvenienced.

Apart from his musical interests, Travis was a comic collector, a film buff, an animal lover, a world traveler, and a food enthusiast. He was also the de-facto barber for his group of friends who sought flat-tops, fades and crewcuts. Later in life, he became proficient in working on cars. He loved having fun and he was fun to be around. His sense of humor won many friends throughout his life and his smile was contagious.

Amid a lengthy battle with depression and anxiety, he died of a Fentanyl overdose at the age of 34 on September 23, 2012.  Travis touched many other lives during his time on Earth and his family has started this page so that his legacy could continue. Please fill out the contact form below if you would like to contribute stories, pictures, show flyers etc.