Playing Bass by Travis Weiss


If I had the opportunity to teach somethin I know to someone else it would be to play bass solid. A lot of young bass players in the heavy music scene I’m involved in overplay and have bad tone. (It is important for these bass players to use old school methods since the first days of rock and roll.) With the experience I have playing with old timers I feel I could make the world a better place teaching players to be solid.


Bass players are the backbone of the band along with drummers. If your band’s bass player or drummer can’t hold down a groove, your music is worthless.

First of all, play with your drummer. Your audience will usually leave if your rhythm section can’t hold a groove.



Second, it is important for bass players to use old age rock and roll methods of playing bass. Less is more in this case. The less notes you play on your bass make people feel the ones you are playing more. Blues is an old rock method to start with to give you practice.


Finally, tone is what gives a bass player a job and makes everyone happy. Listen to noises that you like and bass players that influence you use. This is the best way to start with your tone. Spend a lot of time adjusting your bass and amplifiers to get these sounds.

In conclusion, this is what I would teach someone who wanted to play bass solid. The steps I have listed would be the best way to get started. This would also make my life easier by not having to listen to bad bassists.DSCF3875



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